Replenishing, Rejuvenating, Healing, Soothing.


Our exclusive mineral cocoons deliver mineralising, replenishing and rejuvenating effects, while relieving fatigue and exhaustion.

Starting with a dry body brush to gently exfoliate and prepare the skin, your choice of product is then applied before the steady warmth of the cocoon allows the body time to relax as the potent extracts seep slowly into the skin.

Performed on a Soft Pack bed, exclusive to The Mineral Spa.

Choose from:


Remineralise dry, depleted skin using a naturally stimulating marine elixir. Your body is covered with warm micronised algae and gently wrapped to release stress and toxins.


French Pink Clay with Ayurvedic herbal extracts firms, tones and nourishes the skin. This rejuvenating therapy promotes collagen formation and is beneficial in the treatment of scar tissue and stretch marks.


Black magma mud, rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, alleviates joint and muscular aches and pains. Ideal for those prone to fatigue, arthritis or chronic pain.

Your choice of Mineral Cocoon

60min: Tue-Thu $185 | Fri-Mon $195

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Vanilla Body Bliss

The queen of exfoliations, this ritualistic treatment is your answer to ultra-dry skin. Starting with a foot compress and gentle stretching, delicious vanilla and wattle seed exfoliant is then worked over the body. Following your shower, we nourish you top to toe with a fragrant vanilla butter.

45min: Tue-Thu $150 | Fri-Mon $160

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Body Treatment Additions


Replenishes, hydrates and mineralises the head and scalp whilst also being a perfect stress antidote. Your hair is generously treated with an aromatic white clay and jojoba oil hair mask and your scalp massaged.
Not available with 45-minute treatments. Adds no extra time to your treatment.



An introductory skincare treatment including a facial cleanse, exfoliation and treatment mask.

30min: Tue-Thu $85 | Fri-Mon $95


Prepare your skin for your cocoon with a stimulating exfoliation. Eliminate dead skin cells and render dry and rough areas soft and smooth for a more youthful appearance.

30min: Tue-Thu $85 | Fri-Mon $95

Special rate for 90 minute Retreat pass, when booked with any treatment:

Tues-Thurs $75 | Fri-Mon $80

Body Treatments booked for a Public Holiday will attract a 15% surcharge*.

*Surcharge waived if Retreat bathing is also booked.